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On November 20th, 2012, Most Wanted released their fifth full-length original project titled "Revelation Station". Fueled by passion and survival, "Revelation Station" is an exciting collection of very dynamic and huge sounding new rock seasoned by the reincarnation of some vintage instrumentation and vocals. "Revelation Station" delivers New Old Stock Indie Rock. The songs “Wallets” and “Just Like A Girlfriend” deliver swagger, attitude and timeless explosive story lines and continue to be very successful new generation digital downloads. “Revelation Station” is purely an organic recording baked with good rock and roll vibe. In August 2008 "Sisters of Eve", the fourth original indie rock release hit the streets running. "Sisters of Eve" is an incredible recording packed tight with melody's and explosive vocals. From the high powered Arena Anthem "Still Running" to the mystic black cauldrons of the title track "Sisters of Eve", this CD is the most qualitative punch in the face by any rock band on planet earth in 2008. All 46 minutes of euphoric sound have purpose, meaning and value and is,definitely meant to be digested by all members of society. In 2005 the band signed with indie label Stone Alley Records and in February 2006 released “Welcome 2am”, a twelve-song power packed CD with plenty of guitars and drums for those in the industry needing a fix. A record inspired by many tough experiences, the songs "Mountains" and "Win" are powerful songs about perseverance while "Contradictions" was written in the reflection of 9/11/01. "Inside My Head" sails you through the middle of tempestuous situations avoiding the obvious devastation of a crash landing! "Welcome 2am" is a driving rock recording bursting with love, hate, sin and redemption. It is loaded with low-end, rock royalty vibration, vintage guitar riffs and soul-fired lyrics. Prior to their arrival at Stone Alley, Most Wanted recorded two projects with Grammy Nominated Megawave Records. The debut CD titled “Most Wanted” was recorded and released in 1998. The single "Can I See You" charted radio play lists from California to New York, while Music supervisors in Hollywood retained the sexual taunt “Beautiful” and the love struggling ballad “Bringing Home The Rain” for movie soundtrack libraries. “Most Wanted” is an eclectic menu of songs garnishing an array of influences from Classic American Country to Vintage English Rock. The follow up to “Most Wanted” was “Tattoo Girls”. Released on September 11, 2001. The singles "In My Life", "Crazy Little Woman" and "Tattoo Girls" made regional playlists and became college rock radio staples. With national radio play and regional distribution, the song “Tattoo Girls” quickly became a theme for a new generation of inking and body piercing young people. “Tattoo Girls” is loaded with purposeful good time rock and roll songs made to play at any club and get you out of your seat. The tragedy of 9/11/01 led to a slower start for the CD, but the songs eventually became highly downloaded at all the digital offerings. All five recordings are available through digital distribution at CD Baby.com, iTunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Napster, Best Buy, Walmart and many other digital locations! To Contact the band email: stonealleyrecords@gmail.com Don't Miss Most Wanted !
Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Most Wanted has enjoyed a steady two-decade career as hard working rockers touring constantly, releasing five original full length recordings and writing and publishing over 65 original compositions with BMI. Blending the sounds of today’s music with lyrical harmonies and guitar riffs of the powerful classic era of rock music, the Most Wanted brand of hard driving, yet dynamic rock is proudly “New Old Stock Indie Rock”. Ann Arbor born, Singer/Song-Writer/Producer, Mark Hiser leads this dynamic group of bandits to new lands, with a tapestry of haunting vocals, fueled with the fury and the fire of desperation and desire. Raised on The Stones and George Jones, Hiser will take you deep into a mindful secret flight through a humble rocker existence. With over 100 song-writing credits, several modest radio singles and thousands of stage hours, the world-traveling captain is well equipped for the continued musical journey! Drummer Greg Kerkes grew up in Milan perfecting his child hood chops before he was old enough to play the club circuit. Playing with his elders, Greg knew most club owners and bands in the area before he graduated high school. Astrong resemblance to Led Zeppelins John Bonham and The Rolling Stones Charlie Watt's,Kerkes is nothing short of brilliant and timeless. Kerkeshas logged the hours of ten drummers into area studios and stages. While he continues to deliver excellence, Kerkes’ legacy lives at the very heart of Most Wanted. Bassist Nick Hiser, is a legendary college football player turned musician. Growing up with Most Wanted and his family, Nick was exposed to studios, concerts and every type of music possible. Nick brings a lifetime of rock and roll from the “Young Bloods” point of view. Never short on work ethic and ideas, Nick delivers with blended Industrial, Metal, Alternative and Classic influences. With a desire to expand his experiences, Nick enjoys all of life to the fullest and is always making happiness somewhere! Guitarist Noah Hiser, like his brother is also a legendary college football player. Noah a fast wide receiver, is also a two-time NCAAII All-American in track. By fifth grade Noah was an accomplished violinist. He learned guitar through his family ties and playing along with "Pearl Jam", "Puddle of Mudd" and "Red Hot Chili Peppers" material. He has been a Platinum level "League of Legend" and a refined "Rubik Cube Solver". A true rocker, his love of music is always on display at every live show. Noah has played guitar in "Grind Rail", "The Kuosins", "War Hero" and with his track mates at the 2016 "Central Hall Palooza" with "Americas Got Talent" semi finalist "3 Shades of Blue". Legendary Detroit Guitarist Charlie Block rounds out the Most Wanted membership. Born in Detroit, Block grew up on Ted Nugent, Jimmy Page and Hendrix. Early on Block found himself playing to some incredible crowds from Dive bars, Outdoor music festivals to Tokyo Japan and everything in-between. Traveling the world playing on shows with stand out legends like Rush and Joe Perry (Areosmith), Block logged in thousands of miles and performed a grueling schedule of 4 shows a night six nights a week for years while perfecting his craft. For decades Block was the cornerstone member of the Detroit rock band “Mariner” and later “Who’s This We?” and has appeared on dozens soundtracks including the recent movie “The Boy” and the Oscar nominated movie "The Fighter" and the TV show "Shameless" (Showtime) to name a few. Block now brings his guitar arsenal and professional legacy to the Most Wanted family and friends.